Master Planning Services

The firm's extensive studies portfolio covers a diversity of specializations. Delivering a solid track record in master planning, geotechnical, and GIS studies, we additionally have ample experience in a wide spectrum of feasibility studies, social studies, and asset appraisals and valuations. Moreover, our support for green developments is backed by a rich history in studies addressing environmental pollution control and energy savings. Our scope of services includes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Site appraisals
  • Asset appraisals
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Energy saving studies
  • Social& Environmental impact studies
  • Concept Master Plan
  • Preliminary Master Plan
    1. Data collection & analysis
    2. Project Design Brief
    3. Master Plan Concept Design
    4. Road & Infrastructure Concept Drawings
    5. Planning & Approval Process
  • Detailed Master Plan
    1. Master Plan Detailed Design
    2. Infrastructure & Utility Drawings
    3. Detailed Master Plan Report
  • Final Master Plan
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Site Survey, Studies and investigations
    1. Topographic studies
    2. Geotechnical Investigation studies
    3. Environmental Impact Study

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